August 12, 2022: This is a preorder for a signed copy of Field Notes: D. Quinn, Darius's personal notes leading up to the wedding in Prepared, the final story in the Auctioned Series. The little book contains 45 pages of notes, doodling, sketches, grocery lists, minor spillage, and a few drawings from the kids. More than that, it contains Darius's attempts at writing his wedding vows. 


Darius's Field Notes can be read alongside Prepared, or right after. Cara's recommendation? Read it right after the wedding has taken place, as the notebook does play a part in Prepared


This companion piece will be available on Amazon at $12.99 around the same time Prepared goes live in the end of August, but it will be available here in the merch shop as well, with or without signing. 


If you purchase Field Notes: D. Quinn here in the merch shop, note that Cara starts shipping the notebooks a bit after the release. She has to receive the books from Amazon first, then sign them before she ships them to readers. In other words, the 4-10 days it normally takes for delivery begins on the day she ships the book. You will receive an email from the shop as soon as your order is on its way. 


IMPORTANT: If you don't add instructions above the add-to-cart button, Cara will sign the Field Notes with only her signature. If you wish for her to add a personal greeting, let her know and include the name you want her to sign the book to. Please let her know if you don't want it signed at all either. (No greetings from characters on this item.)

Field Notes: D. Quinn - An Auctioned Series Companion Piece