The first exclusive merch pack (Auctioned Series-themed) sold out in 24 hours, and we gave no warning on social media whatsover. We live and we learn! Now we've told you about this kit on Facebook, and we've added more so it won't disappear so quickly.


These kits are part of a new series of collector's edition items that haven't been sold previously in the merch shop, and first up was the Auctioned Series. Now it's time for the Game Series, or rather, Reese Tenley from the series. In Out of the Ashes, he discovered something about several brats in the community, and now he's putting his foot down. 


Without spoiling what's inside, but still assuring you're getting your money's worth(!), these exclusive merch packs will include a selection of several items, put together just for this set, from lip balms and pocket mirrors to key rings and pins, from bookmarks and magnets to stickers and themed kits. It depends entirely on the theme of the merch pack. For instance, it wouldn't be a BDSM from Reese, one of our favorite Sadists, without some aftercare. ;)


Either way, this is for the collector!


Number of items in this limited set: 8


Number of kits available: 30 Game Series merch packs are available--and will be available. When they're gone, they're gone. Only a few of the items will be sold separately in the store in the future.


This kit is brought to you by Reese Tenley, with help from Lucas West and Tate Ridley. 


The kit will start shipping on June 4 when the last item has arrived. Because Cara couldn't help herself when she found it. 

Game Series - Exclusive Merch Pack

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