This exclusive merch pack is part of a new series of collector's edition items that haven't been sold previously in the merch shop, and first up is the Auctioned Series. Each item is gift-wrapped just like you see in the picture. Without spoiling what's inside, but still assuring you're getting your money's worth(!), these exclusive merch packs will include a selection of several items, put together just for this set, from lip balms and pocket mirrors to key rings and pins, from bookmarks and magnets to stickers and themed kits. It depends entirely on the theme of the merch pack. For instance, it wouldn't be an exclusive Auctioned Series merch pack without Jayden insisting on adding a first aid kit approved by Darius. Oh no, we've said too much already!


Either way, this is for the collector!


Number of items in this limited set: 7.


10 Auctioned Series merch packs are available--and will be available. When they're gone, they're gone. Only two of the items are sold separately in the store.


Gray would even go so far as to call it the perfect gift for an Auctioned Series reader, and it's definitely worth putting on your wishlist. 

Auctioned - Exclusive Merch Pack

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