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Camassia Cove is a town in northern Washington created to be the home of some exciting love stories. Each novel taking place here is standalone, and they will vary in genre and pairing. What they have in common is the town they live in. Some are friends and family. Others are complete strangers. Some have vastly different backgrounds. Some grew up together. It's a small world, and many characters will cross over and pay a visit or two in several books. But, again, each novel stands on its own, and spoilers will be avoided.

Downtown Camassia is an idyllic district. The original town center. Home of the city council, the mayor's office, and all the little shops and cafés a tourist could need. A great small town feel, perfect for raising a family. Take a stroll down to the marina, go whale watching, visit an antique shop, buy homemade ice cream, or get up with the sun to see when the fishermen return with today's catch. However you spend your day in Downtown, you won't be disappointed. Why buy a postcard when you can come here and live in one? 

If you can afford a hillside mansion, the district of Ponderosa is for you. Located along the mountainside north of Downtown, you'll find the best view Camassia Cove has to offer. If you live in Ponderosa, you kind of get the best of everything. The local high school prides itself with top grades, athletes, future scientists, and CEOs. The district also has their own gated retirement community, the best grocery store, yacht club, private marina, and recreation center. The best for the best, and you're always safe in Ponderosa. You can count on their neighborhood watch.

Just south of Downtown, the picturesque image of Camassia Cove, is the district of Camas. It's a working-class neighborhood, as well as a work-in-progress for the passionate people who live here and play an active role in their community. There is resentment lingering because some do feel like they're being forgotten. As if Camas is the town's poor, dirty secret. But at the same time, it's the district with the strongest sense of loyalty. It's a tightly knit community where people come together and do what they can with what they have. All for all, no one left behind. 

Westslope is perfect if you like the outdoors and want to live off the beaten path. It's the largest district, yet with the lowest number of residents. In between cabins and lake houses, you have nothing but miles of forest, rivers, valleys, and mountains. Here, you can live without seeing another soul until you want to. There's a quaint main street near the local school right before you cross the river with a strip mall, the best supply store for hunting and camping you can possibly imagine, a church, a diner, and a pizzeria that's seen better days. But, as the residents say, you come for the stunning scenery, not the pizza. 

Once all about local industries and factories, Cedar Valley is now a booming district with the largest population. Cobblestones meet trendy lofts, and its residents are generally younger. They have the town's only community college to thank for that. People here sometimes joke and refer to the Valley as Little Seattle, and you won't walk down many streets without stumbling upon an art gallery, vegan sandwhich shop, or a flyer for when the next farmer's market is. The factories are gone, and they made room for a progressive but chill community. Rents can get high, but that's why you have roommates. Enjoy your stay, be it at a nightclub or a poetry reading.