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(These outtakes take place after Apex Predator.)

Papa Bear & Tadpole - It's a new year, and Greer has to return to work. For better or for worse, he has Corey with him.

Go Spurs! - Colt tries to adjust after their vacation, and all he wants is his game night. But first, Sloan picks up Corey from his playdate with Kit. 

Nuggets & Dreams - Ivy eats nuggets and reflects on a dream while Daddy and Mr. West do website work for the community.

Slave Space - It's time to get a look at Cam's online journaling.

More than the Air... - River's having a nice night with the only two people who matter in the end.

The 4000 Dollar Question - Noa needs some monies, okay? He has a really good reason. 

In between outtakes, the readers will get glimpses of the Mclean House members' online activity.

Total word count: roughly 12k

Number of graphics and illustrations: 22


ATT Tablet Cover.png

It's been twenty years since River surprised Reese with a Christmas morning for just the two of them in The Air That I Breathe. Some traditions are meant to last forever, sort of like the relationship the twins have formed with Shay. It's their first Christmas together as a triad, and it's a morning to remember.


Word count: 10,000

River, Reese, and Shay appear throughout the Game Series.


Breathless (Game Series, #3)

The Air That I Breathe (Game Series, #3.5)

Senseless (Game Series, #9)

A Tenley Tradition

At Their Mercy (Game Series, #17. TBA)

NOTE: River, Reese, and Shay also appear in the Renegades, a whole other series in which they have their own book. But since it takes place a few years into the future, it's not necessary to have read it in order to get the full enjoyment of the Tenley triad in the Game Series.

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