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Listen, y'all. I'm not great with technology, so I'm just gonna give you two pieces of advice on how to make this a hassle-free purchase.

  • Firstly, it's okay if you don't have PayPal. Click the PayPal buy button at the checkout anyway, and once you get to the login page, you'll see an option below that says "Pay with card." In other words, you can check out as a guest.

  • Secondly, ignore the download option in your web browser once the purchase is complete. That link is a menace! Wait for your email confirmation instead. It arrives promptly, and from there, you click the download on your phone.


Outtakes included

(These outtakes take place after Apex Predator.)

Papa Bear & Tadpole - It's a new year, and Greer has to return to work. For better or for worse, he has Corey with him.

Go Spurs! - Colt tries to adjust after their vacation, and all he wants is his game night. But first, Sloan picks up Corey from his playdate with Kit. 

Nuggets & Dreams - Ivy eats nuggets and reflects on a dream while Daddy and Mr. West do website work for the community.

Slave Space - It's time to get a look at Cam's online journaling.

More than the Air... - River's having a nice night with the only two people who matter in the end.

The 4000 Dollar Question - Noa needs some monies, okay? He has a really good reason. 

In between outtakes, the readers will get glimpses of the Mclean House members' online activity.

Total word count: roughly 12k

Number of graphics and illustrations: 22

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