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There's gonna be a wicked cool about-me text here at some point. Until then, let's blame writer's block and one very scattered brain.

Romance across the spectrum, from funny and sweet to suspenseful and angsty, from gay romance to straight, and from heavy topics to lighter ones. Love stories where realism matters as much as the sizzling activities in and out of the bedroom, where the heroes and heroines have strong voices and create their own happily ever afters.

These are all the places you can stalk Cara. Don't worry, she encourages it. In the order of which the icons are listed below: personal blog of infrequent ramblings, calendar for book signings and online events, Instagram for travels and foodporn, Goodreads, contact page, Amazon profile, Facebook group for her giveaway shenanigans, Spotify for her books' playlists, Twitter profile for tipsy tweets, Facebook page, and last but not least, her Facebook profile. Happy stalking!

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