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Book I


Quinn Sawyer didn’t apply for a temporary job at the remote O’Connor Adventure Retreat all the way in Alaska because he wants a change of scenery. He loves his sunny Florida. He’s only heading north so he can get answers from Declan O’Connor, the man who dated Quinn’s aunt six years ago.


The relationship ended abruptly, and Declan left Sarasota without a word. For Quinn, it had been the beginning of hell, because most of his family suddenly blamed him for the breakup of a relationship he’d had no part of, and they refused to say why. Now it’s been six years, and he’s done being the black sheep. He deserves to know how it could’ve possibly been his fault, and he’s not going to let the crush he harbored for Declan stand in the way.


After finally tracking down Declan, Quinn gets on a plane. Or death machine, as he prefers to call it. But in his quest to find out the truth, he discovers there’s a lot more to the Land of the Midnight Sun than seeking answers.


Book II


Two years ago, Logan Ward got the surprise of his life when he discovered he was the father of a two-year-old little boy. Professionally and romantically adrift, he devoted all his time and energy to caring for his son. But now he's searching for more, and accepting a job in Alaska will give him a fresh start. Along the way, he can only hope to work out the rest. Minor things, really. Like how to create a home for him and his boy, figuring out whether or not he's into men, and how to find his place in a new culture where a young girl is better with a rifle than he is.


Kyle Shaw has been living off the land his whole life, very comfortable with nature and the challenges of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness. He particularly enjoys his seasonal work at the O'Connor Adventure Retreat, and for this year's stint, he's bringing his niece. He's not in the market for anything other than hard work, good friends, and—fingers crossed—reasonably priced milk. Then some guy from the South puts his foot in his mouth, and Kyle steps up to teach Logan a lesson.

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